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Metallic Metropolis

Gloria Golden is an accomplished photographer and author with an extensive list of awards for her artistic ability. Her journalistic photos compile intimate images accompanied by free verse, which give the story behind the images. These images cover a wide array of landscapes, cityscapes, candid portraits and abstracts. Her books cover more than twenty-four years of Gloria's photography.

In her previous book, Photography: An Intimate Approach, she expressed her view of the world as captured through the lens of the camera. Her newest book, Metallic Metropolis, expands on this view by focusing on the intimate, gritty and often startling and beautiful life along the streets of New York City. You'll love Metallic Metropolis, not merely for the wonderful presentation of Gloria's images, but because they will grasp your attention and remain in your memory forever.

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Photography: An Intimate Approach

As a photographer, Gloria Golden's imagery is a great amalgam of intimacy, wisdom, composition and cleverness. Her skillful photos hail from the many treks she and her husband have made around the globe.

In Photography: An Intimate Approach the reader is presented with a nourishing feast of photographs ranging from happiness to grief, exhilaration to angst and every emotion in-between as she provides a photographic journal of her journeys.

The book contains over sixty revealing images from her travels throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. A variety of subjects are included: awe-inspiring landscapes, candid portraits and architectural masterpieces. The book is a wonderful presentation of Gloria's images that will grasp your attention and leave you thinking about humanity.

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Brooklyn Revisited: My Journey Back—Brooklyn Revisited contains black and white photographs, accompanied by prose. The images are significant because they portray streets and neighborhoods she walked as a child. Although places are blurred by time, revisiting her early life here has allowed her to rediscover Brooklyn... and find that everything is new again. Publisher: Outskirts Press, 2012.

I lived in Brooklyn for the last 30 years, home of many immigrants… real melting pot of different cultures and many languages. This book transferred me back in time, the sense of things lost long time ago and still present today. I had similar feelings reading Jack Finney's book, "Time and Again" something nostalgic and very gentle. The photography is in black and white, and it is the heart and soul of this book. It's more than a documentary, creating feelings of time long gone, but never forgotten… just one more step and you are back in the past, just one more step…

Brooklyn Revisited is a wonderful photographic walk back to Gloria Golden's childhood and includes a compelling selection of black and white photos of many of the places she remembered from her childhood. Gloria is a professional photographer and accompanies all her photos with more than simply captions but rather mini-descriptive stories and her thoughts. If you love photography and you enjoy stories of Brooklyn, this book might be a good addition to your library.

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Desaturated Soul—In this collection, Golden relies on soulful black and white photography to evoke the viewer's emotions, and introduce thought-provoking ideas, allowing the viewer to form a greater understanding of his or her own feelings. She combines these arresting pictures with text to enhance the specific mood that she has captured. From portraits, landscapes, and the surreal, viewers will be able to observe the uniqueness and special beauty in each image.

The book contains ninety-six photographs, accompanied by prose. Many of the images have been accepted by juried shows. However, the three photographs mentioned below are especially important to her:

Moment in Time was reviewed in the New York Times and . It was awarded first-place recognition in the 20th Annual Juried Photography Competition of the Smithtown Township Arts Council.

High-Spirited was selected as part of Childhood: An International Photo Exhibition. The juror for this show was Jamie Lee Curtis, and the exhibit will travel for one year with the Texas Photographic Society.

Mint Tea is part of Women In Photography International's traveling exhibit, Teatime, in memory of Linda McCartney.

Publisher: Xlibris, 2009.

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Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans—Hidden deep in the heart of the American Southwest among the larger Hispanic population are descendants of the Sephardim, Jews from Spain and Portugal. Five hundred years after their expulsion from Spain remnants of Judaism are still practiced within Southwestern Hispanic communities. Often unaware of their origins, conversos have revealed, through oral history, how the ancestral faith of the Crypto-Jews has been passed on from generation to generation.

The book contains sixty oral histories accompanied by photographs. All research was accomplished in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Publisher: Floricanto Press, 2005.

Recommended by a friend. Tracing my family history. This book explained many traditions in my family I didn't understand. Now I feel more connected to my past.

Buy the book! Remnants of Crypto Jews by Mrs. Golden has many personal stories of people of the SW, who are finding out about their Jewish heritage and why they do certain things, which are indeed old customs- Jewish ones. Excellent book by a wonderful author, I personally know and trust.

We enjoyed the exhibit. I brought my children. I wanted them to know more about our heritage. I'm Mexican, from Northern Mexico, the Monterrey area. My mother always told us wet were "de descendencia Judia." We were all raised Catholic. My children are Jews. Your exhibit was a nice connection. I would love to learn more.

Excellent—and beautifully presented. We came down from Marin County to see this important exhibit.

Special note: Gloria exhibits and gives slide presentations based on this book. Contact her for information and pricing.

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